Pakistani ISI active in Myanmar, claims European study group

Brussels: South Asia Democratic Forum, a study group located at Brussels, in Europe, claimed that Pakistan’s infamous intelligence agency, ISI, is active in Myanmar. The study group has warned that Pakistan is planning to carry out cross border terrorism from a third country to create instability in India and Afghanistan. It has been exposed, even in the past, that the terror groups from Myanmar are receiving aid from Pakistan and China. A huge haul of Chinese made arms had also been seized from near the Myanmar border.

china-pak-ISIISI is training the terror groups in Myanmar to carry out anti-India activities. It has been revealed that the Rohingyas are being prepared for this purpose, through the Jamaat-Ul-Mujahidin from Bangladesh. This terrorist organisation had launched a terror attack in Dhaka. Pakistan is trying to destabilise India with help from this terrorist organisation from Bangladesh. But the Bangladesh Foreign Minister has assured that his country will not let this happen.

Pakistan is trying to destabilise India and Afghanistan using Myanmar. The analysts from the study group have said that this proves once again that Pakistan is supporting terrorism with fresh evidence. The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army has once again become active on the Bangladesh-Myanmar border. The head of this group is a Pakistani, and it has been exposed that he is helped by Pakistan Taliban. This has been revealed once again in the report published by the study group.

Meanwhile, it has already been exposed that the terror groups in Myanmar are getting aid from Pakistan and the Taliban. China has built this network with assistance from ISI, and the sole objective of the network is hurting Indian interests. A few weeks ago, a huge haul of Chinese made weapons had been seized from a city in Thailand close to the Myanmar border. The terrorists arrested during this operation included Pakistanis. Before this, Myanmar has handed over 22 terrorists to India. While Pakistan and China are making use of Myanmar for anti-India activities, the strengthening ties between Myanmar and India become extremely important.

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