Chinese military should prepare for war; orders President Xi Jinping

Beijing: President Xi Jinping ordered the Chinese military to be in a state of readiness saying that while there are abrupt changes, the Chinese military should be prepared for any threats that have never been faced before. A few hours before this, China issued threats to sink the US warships in the South China Sea and taking over Taiwan through military action.

Two days ago, President Jinping threatened Taiwan. President Jinping warned that  Taiwan would be acquired through military action if it does not merge with China. A few hours before that, a senior Chinese official had proposed sinking the US aircraft carriers patrolling in the South China Sea and the East China Sea.

The official had suggested that the United States will panic after sinking of its aircraft carriers and Chinese domination will be established in the marine regions. It was also reported that the Chinese military subsequently conducted tests of ‘Mother of All Bombs’.

President Jinping, who is the Commander-in-Chief of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, has initiated a spate of equipping the Chinese army with the most modern equipment over the last few years. Stressing on the need to increase the capacity of the navy and air force for maritime security, Jinping has prioritised deployment of an aircraft carrier, advanced destroyers and stealth fighter jets.

But Jinping has heated the atmosphere with the direct order to the military, to prepare for war. The Chinese mouthpiece announced that Jinping issued these orders during a meeting with the senior Chinese military officials. 

The Chinese military need not be ready only from the military point of view. Jinping warned that the defence forces, at the same time, should be aware of the Chinese security and the everchanging scenario.

Jinping, while addressing the defence forces, said that if one is informed about the changing equations at the international level, it will create awareness about the threats and will make it easy to face a war.

At the same time, Jinping indicated to make major changes in the Chinese military in the coming year. The President also informed that China would be demonstrating its military might in the next few days. Chinese analysts have claimed that China can demonstrate the most advanced equipment deployed with all the three defence forces during this military parade.

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