Chinese military should prepare for war, orders Chinese President Xi Jinping

Beijing/New Delhi: – Chinese President Xi Jinping has ordered the Chinese military to be prepared for a war. The Indo-Chinese border dispute has festered and both the militaries are involved in a standoff. Therefore, the Indian media are linking the orders issued by the Chinese President, for being prepared for a war, to India. The Chinese President issued these orders after the Indian Prime Minister and Defence Minister, took stock of the situation on the border, through discussions with the defence chiefs. The Indian media are also pointing towards this. But the Chinese President seems to be compelled to issue the orders, in view of the aggressive Chinese activities in Taiwan, Hongkong and South China Sea. 

President Jinping, while addressing the annual session of the Chinese parliament, said that there will be no compromise on Chinese sovereignty and ordered the Chinese military to be ready for a war situation. President Jinping warned the Chinese military to be prepared for the worst possible war situation and be prepared to fight a war. President Jinping is warning the military that wars will have to be fought on multiple fronts, in a different language. All the Chinese mouthpiece newspapers have highlighted this news.

The United States is accusing that the origin of the Coronavirus pandemic is in China and the disaster could have been averted if China had revealed the information in time. The United Kingdom, Australia and Japan also are making similar accusations against China and are demanding a detailed independent investigation into the pandemic. The Chinese study groups are claiming that the unpopularity China is facing just now is manifold bigger that the unpopularity faced after the massacre of the demonstrators, demanding democracy, at the Tiananmen square, in 1989. The military analysts in China are claiming that the United States will take advantage of the situation and China will have to fight wars on multiple military fronts.

Therefore, China has further increased its level of aggression and the Chinese activities in the South China Sea have become more intense. At the same time, China is threatening that military action may be taken to acquire Taiwan. Whereas, China has been formulating new laws to tighten its grip on Hongkong.

Along with these activities, China has increased its naval presence in the Indian Ocean. At the same time, China is trying to pressurise India with infiltration attempts on the border. But India is giving a fitting reply to these Chinese infiltration attempts. Although, China tried to enhance the tension with its helicopter intruding into the Indian airspace, the helicopter had to change its course, after the Indian fighter jets gave it a chase, within minutes. The Indian soldiers have halted the progress of the Chinese soldiers, attempting infiltration in Ladakh and other sectors. Still China, instead of a replying in an offensive language, has said that it wants peace and harmony on the border with India. Former Indian military officials have expressed a clear opinion that although China is trying to increase the pressure on India, it will not be prepared for a direct conflict with India, at this time. The former military officials and analysts are claiming that very fact, not a single bullet is being fired on the Indo-China border, both the countries are averse to war.

Therefore, the orders issued by the Chinese President to the military seem to be a warning to all the countries confronting China on various fronts. President Jinping is delivering a message that under any circumstances, China will not budge from its stand, notwithstanding any pressure from any country in the world and is prepared for a military conflict. At the same time, it could be convenient for President Jinping to start a war hysteria in China, to divert the public attention from the failure to handle the

Coronavirus crisis and the crumbling economy. This could help in tightening his grip, further, on the government. These orders have likely been issued with this intention.

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