China should cooperate for a transparent inquiry into Corona, US Biden administration appeals

Washington – Many people have started accepting the Lab Leak theory that the Coronavirus originated from the laboratory at Wuhan in China and spread in the world. Western media have accepted that circumstantial evidences in support of these claims also are being found. But former US President Donald Trump reminded him that he was the first to label Coronavirus as Wuhan Virus and accuse China of spreading it. Trump targeted his critics with a sarcastic remark ‘At that time there was criticism against me from many quarters, but now everyone seems to be accepting my statements, and I thank everyone for that.’ At the same time, the United States has made an official demand that China should assist in a transparent investigation into the Lab Leak theory.


Lab Leak Theory, Wuhan Virus, Joe Biden,Andy Slavitt,WHO, Donald Trump,Biden administration,Chinese Virus,ChinaIn November 2019, Chinese researchers working in the Wuhan laboratory had contracted Coronavirus infection. China hid all the information regarding this. It did not reveal the information in front of the world, even after the disease became a pandemic. Instead, the doctors, researchers, and journalists from China, trying to reveal any information regarding Coronavirus, just disappeared. Some newspapers have revealed information regarding this, which endorses the claims that Coronavirus was indeed a Lab Leak, starting from the Wuhan laboratory. At the same time, the suspicion regarding China also is becoming stronger.

Former US President Donald Trump was the first to refer to Coronavirus as the Wuhan virus and announced to the world that China was responsible for this. At that time, the US media had strongly criticised him and had said that this accusation is a part of his Vindictive policies. Trump recalled those memories. He targeted his critics in the US media with a retort that everyone has to accept my claims now, and I thank everyone for that. The pro-China Biden administration also had to take cognisance of the suspicions being expressed that the origin of Coronavirus is in China.

Andy Slavitt, Special Advisor for Corona to the Biden Administration, demanded a thorough and transparent investigation into the matter. It has become mandatory to find all the information regarding the origin of Coronavirus. Therefore, China and the World Health Organisation (WHO) must answer some important questions. China and WHO should assist for a transparent investigation into the origin of Coronavirus and help find answers to these questions. Slavitt alleged that such cooperation is not being received from both of these.

US analysts are criticising that although the Biden administration has posed some serious questions to China, it has not taken an expected stand against China, responsible for the Coronavirus pandemic. Renowned analyst Gordon Chang criticised ‘Coronavirus has claimed 600,000 lives in the United States. Despite this, President Biden is not discharging his duty to take an uncompromising stand against China, which spread the virus.’ The effects of this criticism are becoming apparent and the Biden administration, along with the US media, are being forced to take a stand against China.

Meanwhile, China has become extremely restless given these reports and reactions, strengthening the claims of the Lab Leak theory. China is trying to suppress the matter as far as possible, using all its might and influence. But this matter is getting out of hands for China. Against this background, Zhao Lijian, spokesman of the Chinese foreign ministry, quoted the report submitted by the WHO team after visiting Wuhan. Lijian pointed out that the team had passed the verdict that Coronavirus did not originate in Wuhan. But it is now being revealed to the world that the controversial verdict was not acceptable to some team members.

Moreover, it has also been exposed that China did not extend complete cooperation to the WHO team. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly difficult for China to answer the queries being raised regarding this.

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