US Defense Minister’s stern warning to China over ‘South China Sea’

Beijing/Washington (News Agency) – US has announced to continue its naval vigilance in ‘South China Sea’ region despite of the stern discontentment and threats of attacks expressed by China. Defense Minister Ashton Carter made this announcement while addressing American Congress and confirmed that America will not succumb to the aggressions of China. Meanwhile Chinese government daily ‘Global Times’, demands to send across a message that China is ready for war against America who has instigated China by deploying their Destroyer warship in ‘South China Sea’.


Defense Minister Carter endorsed the US Naval operations after the American destroyer ‘USS Lassen’ carried out vigilance in the Spratly Island region of ‘South China Sea’. In past as well this region used to be surveyed by American Destroyer and vigilance aircrafts and similar so it will continue henceforth, clarified Carter.

In lieu of a secure future for US it is necessary to maintain equilibrium in the Asia-Pacific region for which very soon American Destroyers will depart for naval vigilance in this region, informed Carter. Carter further mentioned that this surveillance by Destroyer and Aircrafts will be carried out within the limits of International norms and the naval necessities.

Few hours ago, American guided missile destroyers had entered the outskirts of the artificial islands constructed by China. White House acclaimed that the sailing of American Destroyers in oceanic regions of Spratly Islands is a matter of oceanic transport liberty. However China is accusing the American Destroyers has intruded into their oceanic territories.

Chinese destroyer intercepted American destroyer the moment it entered into the oceanic territory of the island constructed in ‘South China Sea’ having the longest run-way. Warnings were delivered to American destroyer to back out of the boundaries of this island. China as well confirmed their destroyer closely chased American destroyer ‘USS Lassen’. Chinese defense ministry also said their aircrafts had kept a very close watch over each moves of American destroyer. Chinese Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs Zhang Yesui has summoned American Ambassador to China Max Baucus and also remarked the intrusion of American destroyer into Chinese ocean territories to be an irresponsible act.

While Chinese government is criticising US, Chinese media is demanding military actions to be carried on US. It is the right time to deliver a befitting notice to US, claimed Chinese daily ‘Global Times’. China should retaliate back strongly against America who is demonstrating aggression by dispatching their destroyer in ‘South China Sea’. By doing so China can notify US that they are not afraid and are ready to protect their interests, claimed China’s leading broadcaster, ‘Global Times’ daily.

While Chinese military’s leading broadcaster ‘The People’s Liberation Army Daily’ remarked of US trying to create unrest in this region also unlike Afghanistan and Iraq. US waged war by intruding army into the calm and stable Afghanistan and Iraq and created unrest in associated regions. US is striving to create similar instability in the oceanic regions of ‘South China Sea’, accused the Chinese military daily.

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