Pakistan will mournfully regret cooperating with China, warns former Pentagon official

Washington: – Doctor Michael Rubin, a former official with Pentagon, made Pakistan aware of the stark reality by stating, ‘Pakistan is looking at China as an ally. But China considers Pakistan as its colony. China does not care, as how many lives are lost in the colony. Pakistan also is willing to sacrifice the lives of its people to please China. Pakistan is trying to counter the flourishing cooperation between the United States and India by forming an alliance with China, but Pakistan will only strongly regret this cooperation with China.’ 

Doctor Michael Rubin, through an article published in a US bi-weekly, has presented issues, very frankly, that will give sleepless nights to the intellectuals, analysts and journalists in Pakistan. China has covered up for Pakistan on the international level, on the matters of state-sponsored terrorism and other such misadventures. Pakistan should not be under the delusion that China did this out of love and friendship for Pakistan, but because China is looking at Pakistan with a very selfish outlook. Dr Rubin pointed out that all these good deeds are for acquiring the Gwadar Port, in Pakistan, to increase the Chinese trade with West Asia.

Dr Rubin warned ‘The country who can put a million people behind bars just because they are Muslims, will not bat an eyelid before killing Pakistani citizens or treating them like dirt. The Pakistani people may not realise this in the current scenario, but soon this realisation will come to Pakistan. The cooperation with China is an agreement with the devil, and Pakistan will not benefit in any way from this, whereas, it will only strongly regret this cooperation in the future.’

Dr Rubin warned further ’China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) would prove to be a disaster for Pakistan. This project will cause a large number of casualties in Pakistan. Thousands of Chinese workers have returned to work on the CPEC, in Pakistan, after holidaying in China. China has neither done any medical screening nor has quarantined them. There can be a major explosion of Coronavirus in Pakistan because of these workers and Pakistan will have to suffer mass casualties, and China will be responsible for this.’

Pakistan also has confessed that China has made Pakistan its colony, and Pakistan cannot utter a single word against the Chinese activities in Pakistan. Dr Rubin attacked the pro-Chinese policy of Pakistan with a vitriolic statement that China does not bother, even a bit, for the number of casualties in Pakistan.

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