Western media accuses China destroying evidence regarding Coronavirus  

Washington:/London: – China, alarmed with the revelation that the origin of Coronavirus is indeed from the laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan, has started destroying the evidence related to Coronavirus. All the photographs and the other information showing the Chinese scientists working on the development of Coronavirus have been deleted from the websites. Although China is making all these efforts to save its face, the United States and its allies have started exerting tremendous political and economic pressure on China.  

The accusations that the development of Coronavirus and its further spread originated from the Wuhan laboratory have started getting widespread support. Interview of the leading scientist from the Wuhan laboratory and the documentary published by the Chinese news channel, have exposed the Chinese reality in front of the world. With the fear that these photographs and information, related to the research, posted on the website, will expose its conspiracy, China seems to be desperately trying to destroy the evidence.  

As per the information published by the western media, a few months ago, there were photographs of Chinese scientists, working on the Coronavirus project. But the British media pointed out that the photographs have suddenly disappeared from the website. Just like the photographs, reports on the site of the China University of Geosciences, have also been censored. As per the US media, certain information has been deleted from the website.  

A few days ago, there had been cyberattacks on the websites related to Coronavirus. It had been accused that this was a part of the Chinese effort to destroy evidence related to the virus. The western media had contacted the Chinese embassies to seek information regarding the disappearing photographs and information from the websites. Still, the Chinese embassies have refused to reply to these queries. 

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