After chemical attack ‘Douma’, US warns military action in Syria

Washington: As per the information received, the Syrian army has carried out a chemical attack at ‘Douma’ near the capital Damascus and more than 20 people have been seriously injured in these attacks. There have been three chemical attacks in the last month in Syria and the US, its allies and even the United Nations is accusing the Assad government as being responsible. Showing serious concerns about the chemical attacks, the US has indicated a possible military action against the Assad regime.

syria, russia, assad, chemical attack, usThere were missile attacks in Douma on Thursday morning. The ‘Chlorine gas’ was released after these attacks, resulting in more than twenty people getting admitted to the hospitals with health problems. The Syrian agencies reported that there were children among the injured. The US expressed its anger about these attacks. The Trump administration criticised that the Assad regime is now adopting new techniques to carry out the chemical attacks.

These attacks are being carried out using small rockets and the US has appealed to the international community, to try and stop these chemical attacks carried out by the Assad regime. The Douma administration also has held the Assad regime responsible for the attacks. The Douma administration has alleged that the Russian army is purposefully targeting the civilian habitations with missiles filled with Chlorine.

Syrian government has avoided commenting on the Douma attacks. The Syrian media also is broadcasting the attacks in the northern region of Idlib. But, the photographs of the chemical rocket attacks have been published on the social media. The Syrian government is facing criticism from all international quarters. The US has expressed severe displeasure on the attacks and has threatened the Assad regime.

‘This is a clear warning to Russia, who is trying to cover up for Assad regime. The US will not stop short of military action to stop the chemical attacks in Syria.’, warned a senior official from the Trump Administration. An American official had reminded of the air attacks carried out by the US in the month of march last year, against the Assad Regime.

In the last month, there have been three chemical attacks in Syria. Before the Douma attack, there were chemical attacks in Syria on the 13th and 22nd of January. There was evidence found, that the Syrian army is responsible for these attacks. The United Nations chemical weapons inspection team also held the Syrian government responsible for the chemical attacks. The observers had claimed that the Syrian army was still in possession of rockets with the poisonous gases ‘Chlorine’ and ‘Sarin’. The US has alleged that Russia has not destroyed the entire chemical arsenal in the hands of Syria. Russia had dismissed these allegations and had demanded an investigation into these attacks by an independent inspector.

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