UK will reply to the space threat from Russia and China, claims Defence Secretary Ben Wallace

London: – British Defence Minister Ben Wallace has announced that the perceived threat, from Russia and China to the peaceful use of space sector is increasing. Against this background, the United Kingdom will be making major amendments to its space policy, and henceforth, the United Kingdom will reply to the Russian and Chinese aggression in the space sector. This reaction of the British Defence Minister comes in the wake of the anti-satellite missile test conducted a few days ago by Russia. The United States also had criticised the Russian experiment.

Last week, the United States and the United Kingdom accused Russia of testing an anti-satellite missile. Both these countries accused Russia of hiding the details of this test conducted on 15th of July from the international community. These countries also criticised that the Russian test created a threat to the space interests of the United States, the United Kingdom and their allies. The United States claimed that this Russian activity is a violation of international regulations. The Russian foreign ministry has dismissed all these allegations. Russia also said that this was a space vehicle launched for maintenance of the Russian satellites and not a test of an anti-satellite missile.

But British Defence Minister, Ben Wallace, announced that the United Kingdom would be making amendments to the space policies because of the test conducted by Russia. Wallace said that Chinese aggression in the space sector also is an essential factor for the changes in the British policy, along with the Russian test. The British Defence Minister said that China is using the space sector for military aggression, hence creating a threat to the space interests of all the countries. Wallace clarified that the British policy would be more aggressive than its policies during the cold war era. Wallace explained regarding future British policies while talking to a British newspaper and added that an announcement in this respect would be made soon.

Meanwhile, Russia and China have been consistently testing anti-satellite missiles for the last ten years. One of the tests conducted by China, in 2007, had come under severe criticism from the United States and its allies. The United States had announced the formation of a new command to protect its interests in space.

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