Turkey warns Egypt against military deployment in Libya

Ankara: – Turkey has warned that there a sharp reply will be given to Egypt, who is providing military assistance to the rebels led by General Haftar, in Libya. Last month, Egyptian fighter jets had destroyed a Turkish military base in an attack carried out in Libya. This seems to be the Turkish reaction to the attack. France and Egypt held critical joint war exercises in the Mediterranean Sea. It is claimed that these exercises were a warning for Turkey.  

International analysts and media are claiming that the Syrian conflict is slowly shifting towards Libya. There is a conflict going on in Libya between the Sarraj government, approved by the United Nations, and the rebels led by General Khalifa Haftar since 2015. It is claimed that this conflict is for control over the oil reserves in Libya. The Sarraj government, which is supported by the extremists in Libya, also enjoys military support from Turkey. Photographs of soldiers from the Turkish military and Turkey-affiliated extremist groups, deployed in western Libya including capital Tripoli, have also been published. Whereas, it is claimed that Russia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates are supporting the Haftar rebels.  

Turkish media had accused Russia of deploying mercenaries in Libya. Whereas, a few days ago, the Egyptian government announced the deployment of its military in Libya. The Egyptian government’s announcement was for the security of the oil-rich and strategically important city of Sirte, in eastern Libya. The Egyptian government also approved military deployment in Libya. Turkey, infuriated with this Egyptian decision, threatened Egypt of serious repercussions. Two days ago, Turkish Security Advisor, Ibrahim Kalin, sharply criticised the increasing presence of foreign militaries in Libya, during an interview with a news agency.  

Kalin warned that if the Egyptian military entered the conflict in Libya, all the efforts to establish peace in Libya would fail. Kalin threatened that military deployment in Libya would prove dangerous for Egypt. At the same time, Kalin criticised French President Macron, who is a supporter of rebel leader General Haftar. Kalin accused that France is threatening the security and peace in Libya. Within a few hours of the Turkish threat, the French and Libyan navies held war exercises.   

As per the information given by the Egyptian military, leading warships and fighter jets from both the countries participated in the war exercises held in the Mediterranean Sea. Hitting land and aerial targets were practised during the exercises. The exercises were held near the Sirte city in Libya. Reports are being received that the Sarraj government and the Turkish military intend to take over this oil-rich city. Against this background, it is being claimed that the joint war exercises conducted by the navies of Egypt and France were for the security of the city of Sirte. Media have asserted that Egypt and France have delivered a clear message to Turkey through these exercises. It is also being claimed that there is a major reason for the tension reigning between Turkey and Egypt, over the Libyan conflict.  

A few days ago, Turkish F-16 fighter jets, drones, radar and air defence system were destroyed in an airstrike at the Al-Watiya base in Libya. It is said that the Rafael jets from the Egyptian air force carried out this attack. It was also being said that this Egyptian action was in support of the rebel organisation led by General Khalifa Haftar. It is also claimed that Egypt carried out this attack to stop the action of the Libyan Sarraj government and Turkey on the city of Sirte. Turkey, infuriated by the attack on its base in Libya, has threatened Egypt. 

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