Post-Brexit, UK deploys 4 naval ships to English Channel to stop French, other European fishing vessels

London: – The Brexit deal has been signed between the United Kingdom and the European Union, the tension seems to be continuing between the two. There is a possibility of conflicts over the contentious issues and the United Kingdom has already initiated aggressive steps in that direction. The United Kingdom has deployed four warships to block trawlers and other ships from France and the other European countries, in the British marine region.   


The implementation of the Brexit deal started from midnight Thursday, 31st December. In the first 24 hours, no untoward incidents were reported from the check posts on the British-French border. There are currently restrictions in place, in view of the Coronavirus pandemic, in the United Kingdom and the European countries. It is believed that there could be chaos after the restrictions and the new year holidays are over and routine activities start. The United Kingdom has started deployment of additional security, for this purpose.   

Three issues had been very sensitive in the negotiations between the United Kingdom and Europe. Out of the three, the issue of fishing rights was the most contentious. The British fishermen and political groups had taken a stand that the fishing boats from European countries should not be allowed entry. At the same time, France, an important member of the European Union, had made it a prestige issue. French President Emmanuel Macron had emphasised that France will not let go of the right and share of fishing in the British marine region. It was also threatened that if a favourable solution is not worked out, the Brexit deal will not proceed further.    

But British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had warned that under any circumstances, the right of fishing in the British marine region would exclusively be with the United Kingdom from 2021. Johnson also warned that if there is an intrusion attempt, the British navy will retaliate into the British marine region. Although, the United Kingdom has allowed the ships from European countries to enter the British marine region, certain restrictions are imposed. The United Kingdom seems to have deployed the naval ships, in view of the aggressive French statements in this matter, despite the European Union accepting the conditions.   

The United Kingdom has deployed four warships in the British Channel, HMS Trent, HMS Tamer, HMS Tin and HMS Mercy. The warship HMS Severn is already in the British Channel for exercises, taking the total number of warships to five. Along with the British defence department, even former officials have justified this deployment.   

Former naval chief Lord Allen West clarified that the British deployment of warships is a preventive activity. The British warships have not been deployed to fight enemy warships. We are responsible for the security of our marine region. This is the message being delivered by the United Kingdom.’ 

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