Prime Ministers of India and the UK hold bilateral talks

London: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached the UK after his Sweden visit. The Indian Foreign Ministry and the British agencies informed that Prime Minister Modi met the British Prime Minister Theresa May and had discussions on many important issues. It has become clear from these discussions that both the leaders have adopted a firm stand against terrorism and extremism. It is said that both leaders agreed upon mutual cooperation between the UK and India in the defence sector as well as other important issues.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and British Prime Minister Theresa May had discussions on Wednesday. In the discussions at the British Prime Minister’s residence, both leaders adopted a strong position against terrorism and religious extremism. Similarly, both Prime Ministers discussed about working in unison against terrorism. Both the leaders denounced terrorism of all sorts in strong words. Prime Minister Modi and Prime Minister May also discussed about the attack on Syria, poisoning of the former Russian agent Skripal and developments in the Indo-Pacific region.

While speaking about Indo-British relations, Prime Minister Modi claimed that these relations were important even after ‘Brexit’. Both the countries have taken a strategic decision to increase mutual partnership in the defence sector and this issue was a part of their discussion. The decision to increase cooperation and coordination between the Indian and British military was also taken at this time. Special efforts will be made to increase trade between the two countries. Both Prime Ministers agreed to prepare a plan for bilateral trade and clear the path for its implementation.

Prime Minister Modi had discussions with British Prince Charles and visited the British Royal Museum with him. The meeting of the members of the Commonwealth of Nations will commence on Thursday and Prime Minister Modi will be participating in it. The relations with India seem to have become extremely important for the UK in view of its decision to exit from the European Union and its increasing tension with Russia. Prime Minister Modi’s visit apparently reflects this.

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