Black Vests group of African immigrants demonstrate in Paris, demand houses and legal recognition, claiming France as their own country

Third World WarParis: Hundreds of illegal African immigrants in France, have aggressively demanded houses and legal recognition, claiming France as their own country. The Black Vests group of the African immigrants, tried to draw the attention, demonstrating in front of the historical monument Pantheon, in the French capital of Paris. The security agencies have detained more than 20 demonstrators, and French opposition leader Marine Le Penn has severely criticised the demonstrations.

The proportion of the non-Christian immigrants in the populations of France and other European countries is increasing, and the locals are expressing fears that their identity, culture and religion are under threat. These immigrants are not willing to assimilate in the local societies and are maintaining their separate identity and culture. Some groups, as well as people from Europe, have warned that this is a major threat to their national integrity. Against this background, the protests and demands of the immigrant groups like Black Vests, become significant.

Black vests group, immigrants, franceOver the last few years, there has been a significant amount of immigrant influx in France, like the other European countries. The incident of terrorist attacks also has increased in France along with the immigrant influx and the hand of these immigrants, in the terror activities, has been exposed. Therefore, an emergency has been declared in France and military and other security agencies have been deployed on a large scale. But at the same time, the voluntary organisations have started making noise regarding the rights of the immigrants and the Black Vest protests are a part of the same efforts.

Black Vests, a group of African immigrants, tried to draw the attention of the locals as well as foreigners, by protesting in front of the historic monument in Paris. The immigrants participating in the protests claimed ‘France does not belong only to the French; it is also our country.’ The attempt was to emphasise the right of the illegal immigrants to live in France. A demand was made with the French government to provide houses and legal documentation to the immigrants.

But the French security agencies took a tough stand and dismantled the protests and have detained 21 people. French leader Marine Le Penn, while firing a salvo of criticism at the protests said that the fate of these immigrants is only to be deported from France.

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