Russia turns down Pakistan’s demand for 50,000 Kalashnikov rifles

Moscow: Considering the increasing military cooperation between India and the United States, Pakistan has initiated efforts to establish military cooperation with Russia. As part of the strategy, Pakistan demanded the supply of 50,000 Kalashnikov rifles from Russia. However, Russia has given the relations with India a preference and dismissed Pakistan’s demand.

The Pakistan military widely uses Kalashnikov rifles. Even though Pakistan and Russia do not have any military cooperation, China has been supplying the Kalashnikov rifles to Pakistan. The nation had purchased the Chinese AK-56 version of the world-renowned Russian Ak-47 guns, from China. A few months ago, the Indian military had seized, the Chinese-made AK-56 rifles in operation against the terrorists in Jammu-Kashmir and northwest India.

Kalashnikov rifles, russia, pakistanPakistan had initiated efforts to acquire the Russian AK-47’s as well as the other Kalashnikov rifles from Russia. In January, the state had even held official discussions with Russia on the subject. In its proposal, Pakistan had stated that the military required AK-56 and other advanced Kalashnikov rifles. Nevertheless, while talking to a news agency, the military sources informed that Russia had rejected the Pakistani proposal.

Russia rejected the Pakistani demand, underlining the traditional military cooperation with India. At the same time, Pakistani agencies were unwilling to guarantee the arms would not fall into the hands of the terrorists. Therefore, considering the negative effect of the rifles, if they were found with terrorists or in activities against India, and the resultant falling out in ties with India, Russia has rebuffed the Pakistani demand.

Meanwhile, Russia has transferred the technology of manufacturing the Kalashnikov rifles to India which has already started at Amethi in Uttar Pradesh. At the same time, India and Russia are already cooperating on missiles, super-advanced fighter jets, helicopters, submarines and destroyers.

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