Beirut explosion possible result of foreign interference using missile, claims Lebanese President

Beirut: Lebanese President Michel Aoun has claimed that the cause of the blast in the Beirut port can be because of the negligence of the officials or a missile attack by an external power. At the same time, Aoun dismissed the demand made by the United Nations for an international inquiry into the Beirut blast. This stand of the Lebanese President is being viewed with surprise. Meanwhile, the Lebanese protestors took control of the foreign ministry, accusing that the government was responsible for the miserable state of the country.

missile attack

The Lebanese agencies had claimed that the blast was caused due to the unsecured storage of 2,750 kilograms of Ammonium Nitrate in the Beirut port. The concerned custom officials had even been arrested. One of the officials said that President Aoun had been alerted a few days ago regarding this unsecured stock of Ammonium Nitrate. Whereas, Aoun also accepted that he had been informed regarding the stock. Yet, President Aoun claimed that there are two possible causes for the blast.

missile attack

Aoun dismissed the allegations levelled against him by saying that the unsecured stock was lying in the port since the last seven years, and therefore, he cannot be held responsible. Whereas, according to him, the negligence of the officials or a missile or a bomb attack by an external power could have caused the dreadful blast. At the same time, Aoun seems to be diverting the discussion regarding the explosion in a totally different direction by saying that he had requested France for satellite photographs to verify if there was any aircraft of missile that entered the Lebanese airspace.

Aoun dismissed the demand made by the UN Human rights commission for an independent inquiry into the blast, by international observers. The criticism is becoming stranger in Lebanon that Aoun is trying to protect Hezbollah with such a stand. It is being accused that this stock of Ammonium Nitrate, which landed in the Beirut port in 2013, was in Hezbollah’s possession. Last year, huge stocks of Ammonium Nitrate were seized from Hezbollah terrorists during actions taken in the United Kingdom and Germany. The Israeli media have started alleging that Hezbollah was preparing to attack Israel using this stock of Ammonium Nitrate. Israeli media have pointed out that such a threat had been issued by Hezbollah a few months ago. But Hezbollah Chief Hassan Nasrallah said that Hezbollah had no connection with the stock of Ammonium Nitrate.

missile attack

Meanwhile, protests are being held in Beirut since the last two days against President Aoun and the pro-Iran government in Lebanon. On Saturday, the protestors announced the takeover of government buildings, raising slogans against President Aoun and Hezbollah Chief Nasrallah. Reports are being received that some of the protestors took over the foreign ministry. Also, the Lebanese opposition parties have started resigning from the parliament by accusing that the mafia is ruling Lebanon. Therefore, winds of midterm polls are flowing in Lebanon, and President Aoun has ordered the military to tighten its grip over the country.

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