Israel’s air attacks on Syrian military bases, alleges Syrian army

Damascus: Israeli fighter planes carried out missile attacks on Syrian military bases, early Wednesday morning. The Syrian army has alleged that Israel’s missile attacks were targeted towards destruction of the “Scientific Military Centre” lab of the Syrian army. However, the Syrian army claimed that they have successfully used the anti-missile system rendering most of the Israeli missiles ineffective. Syria has also threatened Israel to be prepared for dire consequences, following these attacks.

israel, air attack, syria, military, armyThe Syrian media relayed the news of Israeli air raids on Wednesday morning. As per the information of the Syrian army, early Wednesday morning, Israeli fighter planes encroached upon the air limits of Lebanon and fired guided missiles towards the Syrian capital of Damascus. The Syrian army has strongly alleged that these missile attacks were targeted towards destruction of the “Scientific Military Centre” lab in Jamraya near Damascus. The Syrian army did not inform about the number of missiles fired by Israel. However, it claims that most of these missiles were successfully intercepted using the anti-missile system, before they could reach their target in Jamraya.

After these attacks, the Syrian army has warned that Israel itself would be responsible for the consequences of these needlessly aggressive and extremist attacks. There has been no reaction from Israel on this issue. Early on, Syria had made similar allegations about Israel’s attacks on its military bases and Syria’s successful decimation of these attacks. Syria had also earlier announced the downing of an Israeli plane. However, Israel had denied these allegations.

Syrian army alleges that this is the second time in last three months that Israel has attacked this same military base. It is believed that the research centre at Jamraya’s military baseproduces rockets, missiles as well as other unconventional ammunition. Israel alleges that Syria provides these ammunitions to the Hezbollah. Israel therefore seems to continue targeting this military base in Syria.

In the meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his visit to Russia last week had warned that military activities in Syria are proving to be dangerous for Israel’s security. He had issued a warning that Russia should discontinue its activities pertaining to Iran as well as the Hezbollah in Syria, or else Israel shall be forced to take severe actions. But Russia had opposed Israel by justifying the Iran and Hezbollah activities in Syria.

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