Senior Iranian leader threatens to level ‘Tel Aviv’ to ground if Israel takes action against it

Tehran: Iranian Expediency Council Secretary, General Mohsen Rezai warned, ‘If Israel takes any action against Iran, we will level the city of ‘Tel Aviv’ in Israel to the ground. Israel is not aware of Iran’s strength.’

iran, israel, lebanon, hezbollahRezai, a close aid of the Supreme Religious Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini, issued this warning to Israel during an interview with the Hezbollah news channel ‘Al Manar’ in Lebanon. ‘Even if Israel makes a smallest mistake against Iran, then Iran will level the city of Tel Aviv to the ground. Iran will not even give a chance to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to escape,’ said Rezai.

After this, Rezai lashed out at the United States and Israel leadership. ‘The United States & Israel leadership does not know the Iranian strength. That is why the United States and Israel have repeatedly faced defeat from Iran. Considering the current situation in the United States & Israel, the United States is on the decline and the Israeli government is on the verge of collapse,’ claimed the senior Iranian leader.

Later, an Iranian news channel reported that Rezai endorsed the Iranian policy about Gulf. ‘Groups in Gaza Strip, Lebanon and Syria are supported by Iran. But, Iran has not interfered in the political and administrative policies of these countries,’ claiming this, he further said that Iran is not interested in dominating the Middle East.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia and Israel have accused Iran of trying to gain control over Middle East countries through Hezbollah, Hamas and Houthi and have demanded to the international community to act against Iran.

Will destroy the Israeli gas project: Hezbollah Chief

Beirut: ‘In case of a war with Israel we will target the Israeli gas project located in the Mediterranean Sea,’ threatened Hezbollah Chief, Hassan Nasrallah. Along with the threat, the Hezbollah has released a video clip showing the gas project being targeted.

In his new threat, Nasrallah has alleged, that Israel is trying damage the oil and gas projects in the Lebanese waters. The Hezbollah Chief has threatened to target the Israeli gas project even in the past.


Lebanon prepared for war: Lebanon Army Chief

Beirut: In case Israel takes any military action against Lebanon, the Lebanese army is prepared for a retaliation, declared Gen. Joseph Aoun, the Lebanese Army Chief. General Aoun also said that the Lebanese army will use all the possible options to reply to the Israeli aggression.

General Aoun had announced the preparedness for war against Israel, even in the past. It is reported that Lebanon has made large deployments near Israeli’s northern border. Israeli Defence Minister, Lieberman had objected to this deployment. 


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