Will file complaint with WTO if China continues to impose restrictions on Australian imports 

Canberra/Beijing: – Australia warned that it would file a complaint with the World Trade Organisation (WTO) against the Chinese activities in the trade sector. Since the last few months, China has started to impose sudden sanctions against products imported from Australia. China even ignored the Australian demand for clarification in this respect. Therefore, Australia, who is taking an aggressive stand, has decided to approach the WTO. Australian Minister for Trade, Simon Birmingham, gave this information. Because of the Australian warning, there are indications that the trade war between the two countries will intensify further. Over the last few years, many instances of interference of the Chinese regime in Australia have been exposed. The effects of the increasing Chinese influence have been exposed in trade, economy, investment, education as well as politics. Therefore, Australia has adopted an aggressive stand by directly initiating legal action against China. While this action was being taken, Australia demanded an inquiry into the Coronavirus pandemic by accusing that China is the mastermind of the Coronavirus pandemic. Infuriated with this Australian demand, China threatened economic repercussions.   

After Australia ignored these threats, it is being revealed that China started a hidden trade war. In May, China imposed import tax at a gross rate of 80% on the barley imported from Australia. Disadvantage caused to the Chinese producers was cited as the reason for the tax imposition. China dismissed the Australian demand for an explanation. Going further, China started blocking Australian products coming to China in the ports. A strong reaction has been received as no reason has been given to the Australian government in this matter.  

Australian Minister for Trade, Simon Birmingham, warned, ‘China is consistently taking decisions against Australia on trade issues. We have expressed concerns over this in the WTO meeting. But the Chinese activities are on the rise, and now an appropriate answer will be given to China through the medium of WTO.’ He also pointed out that China is using coercive policies on the economic level, and there is a growing discontent around the world regarding this. At the same time, Trade Minister Birmingham warned that China should remember that the direct effects of these policies may become apparent even in the global economy.  

Analysts claimed that the Australian warning of approaching the WTO would further fester the relations between China and Australia.   

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