France & UAE will participate in trilateral military exercises alongside Greece

Athens: – Multinational war exercises named ‘Medusa Trilateral Exercises’ started from Monday. This year, even France and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have joined these exercises. In 2017, Greece started the medusa Trilateral Exercises with Egypt and Cyprus to increase cooperation in the Mediterranean Sea region. There is immense tension, reigning between Greece and Turkey, in the Mediterranean Sea sector, over the oil reserves and against this background participation of France and UAE in the war exercises, adopting an open stand against Turkey becomes significant.   

International surveys and reports have revealed that there are huge oil reserves in the Mediterranean Sea. These reserves lie in the marine regions of Israel, Greece, Cyprus and Turkey and Turkey has initiated moves to claim rights over the maximum reserves. Turkey has started claiming rights over the territories in Greek and Cypriot marine regions. Last month, Turkey even deployed research ship Oruc Reis, along with two other ships in the Mediterranean Sea, for exploration, issuing a NAVTEX alert. After that, to exhibit its dominance, Turkey consistently held war exercises in this region.   

Greece has expedited moves to counter Turkish activities. Since August, Greece has held independent war exercises with the United States, France and UAE. At the same time, has increased cooperation with these countries to strengthen defence preparedness. A few days ago, Greece and UAE even signed a comprehensive defence cooperation agreement. This is believed to be a part of the efforts to build a broad front to stop Turkish activities. Participation of France and UAE in the Medusa Trilateral Exercises indicate that the Greek efforts are bearing fruits.   

Strong reaction has been received from Turkey over the multinational exercises started near Alexandria in Egypt. Turkish defence department expressed displeasure saying ‘The countries aligning against Turkey have started one more war exercise. This exercise in the Mediterranean Sea adds to the tension in the region. The exercise that will go on till 6th December shows which do not want peace and discussions in the Mediterranean Sea region.’ There are four parts of the exercises which are Search and Rescue, Electronic Warfare, Surface Exercises and Naval Formations.   

Meanwhile, it is revealed that Turkey has recalled the ship Oruc Reis, from the Mediterranean Sea, against the background of the multinational exercises started in the Mediterranean Sea and the upcoming meeting of the European Union.   

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