Australia begins ‘Microchipping’ its population

Canberra, Oct 14 (PTI): The use of ‘Microchips’ is fantasized to equip ordinary people with super-human qualities.  An article regarding the use of the commonly known technology, ‘Radio Frequency Identification’ (RFID) was published on the Australian website, ‘ ’. The article contained information about the companies that provide microchipping services. The article also brought to light that a few years back the Australian government had prepared a plan to use this technology in the Healthcare sector.

rfid-chip-hand-swedenThe Australian company named ‘Chip My Life’ is offering this technology for just $150 . The founders of this company, Shanti Korporaal and Skeeve Stevens both have these microchips that use the RFID technology implanted into their bodies. They use this technology to unlock car doors without keys and to walk in and out of work without their ID cards. But Korporaal claims that this technology can also be used for things like storing medical history, as a business card, to start a computer or to transfer your own information to the smartphone.

Since the last decade, there were experiments and efforts being made for ‘microchipping’ the human body for different reasons. Some people have been consistently claiming that the American government has started such confidential programs under which all the American citizens will have microchips implanted into their bodies by 2017.

rfid-chip-obamacareWhile some have made certain serious allegations about it and indicated towards a global conspiracy at play; they have also been saying that the aforementioned technology can be easily used by the government to obtain personal information about citizens without their consent. Therefore, this technology is claimed to cause ‘interference in personal life and privacy’ of individuals.

The Australian government had devised a plan in the year 2010 to have microchips implanted in every Australian citizen. The news channel, ‘CBS Australia’ had brought this information to light. According to it, every citizen would be implanted with a microchip by performing a minor surgery. This was put forth as a part of the Australian government’s health care system for collecting information. But no information was available later regarding this scheme.

It has been claimed on certain websites that the article published on Australia‘s leading media website, ‘’ about the microchips could be a part of the government’s program. This website has published simple and positive information about this technology alongwith a speech of an American citizen who currently uses this technology.

In the information regarding this technology, it has been said that the microchip implanted in the body and the data it contains can be easily ‘hacked’.

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