Enemy countries, terrorists can bring cities to standstill through cyber-attacks: UK Intelligence chief

London 11th June (News Agency) – Terrorists and some unknown countries are consistently trying to enhance their cyber capabilities. The Chief of British Intelligence, Robert Hannigan has warned that using this cyber capability, they could be planning a major cyber attack to bring a city to a complete standstill. A few days back it was reported that in recent times, in Britain, criminal activities and cyber attacks have increased significantly.Enemy countries, terrorists can bring cities to standstill through cyber-attacks: UK Intelligence chief

In the recently concluded Cheltenham Science Festival, Chief of British Intelligence GCHQ Robert Hannigan has attracted the attention of the participants to the increasing danger of cyber attacks. ‘terrorists and some unknown countries are consistently increasing their capacity in the cyber space and this capacity has increased so much that with a click, they can now bring all the activities in a major city to a standstill’ he has warned.

“In a city like London, from local trains to household gadgets, everything is connected to the internet through the “internet of things”. World is getting more and more connected through the internet. And therefore the threat of cyber attacks too has increased”, the Chief of Intelligence has warned. He has expressed a fear that some countries are known to be developing cyber programs  to attack countries like Britain. And soon terrorist organizations too may have this capability.

cyber attackThe Chief has warned that countries indulging in cyber attacks and terrorist groups are not concerned about loss of lives. He affirmed that it is necessary to monitor the internet and claimed that it was only through monitoring that in the last 18 months, Britain had averted 7 major cyber attacks.

It is disclosed now that in the British industry, nearly 70 lakh cyber attacks have happened in the last one year. It is further reported that due to the cyber attacks the British economy has suffered a loss of more than 5 billion pounds

A company, Rapid 7 which specializes in Cyber security has analyzed the cyber attacks in various countries. And it has now been noted that in the top 25 countries which faced cyber attacks, along with Belgium, Australia and China, Britain’s name is also in the forefront. The company’s report claims that the increasing threat of such cyber attacks is indicative of the failure of internet.