Attack on the aeroplane of the coalition government in Yemen, 26 killed and 50 injured

Aden: – Twenty-six people were killed in a bomb attack on the Aden airport in Yemen. This blast was carried out to target the coalition government’s aeroplane in Yemen, coming from Saudi Arabia. The Yemen government accused that Houthi rebels, who opposed the ruling government in Yemen and are enjoying complete support from Iran, are responsible for this attack. The possibility of the conflict between the government and the rebels flaring up again has increased with this attack. Ten days ago, a coalition government was formed in Yemen by the Hadi government, having international approval, and the rebel groups from southern Yemen. This government formed by President Hadi, who is supported by Saudi Arabia, and the rebel groups was welcomed worldwide. It was being claimed that peace will prevail to a certain extent in conflict-torn Yemen, following this. Saudi invited the Ministers from the new Yemenis government for a special visit.   

yemen-explosionAfter completing the Saudi visit, the plane carrying these Ministers landed at the Aden airport in Yemen. There was a massive explosion while the aircraft was still on the runway. After a crowd started gathering at the sight of the blast, another blast was triggered. Therefore, the number of casualties in the explosion increased to 26. It is claimed that there was also a blast in the reception hall of the airport, along with these explosions. Information is also being received that there was also an incident of firing at the location after the blasts. It is claimed that Katyusha rockets were used in the attack.  

The Yemenis leaders who were saved from the attack were taken to the Mashek Presidential Residence located near the airport. It is claimed that there was an explosion even outside the residence. But no clarifications have been received regarding this. Yemen’s Minister of Information, Moammar Al-Eryani, informed that all the leaders including Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik are safe in the Presidential Residence. Moammar also accused that Houthi rebels, the Iran supporter rebel organisation, is responsible for the attack. Yemen’s Prime Minister Abdulmalik said that this was an act of terror and is a part of the war declared against the country. But the Prime Minister did not make a direct accusation against Houthi rebels.   

Hussein Badreddin Al-Houthi, a rebel leader from Yemen, formed this group in 1992. This group, supported by Iran, attempted an armed rebellion against the Yemen government. The supporters of Al-Houthi are referred to as Houthi rebels. The Houthi rebels started a fierce conflict against the Hadi government in 2004.   

President Hadi took refuge in Saudi Arabia because of the Houthi rebels’ attacks, and he was running the Yemen government from there. The Arab countries, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia have opened a front against the Houthi rebels. More than a hundred thousand people have been killed, and a similar number have been displaced in this conflict between Saudi and its Arab allies and the Houthi rebels. The United Nations had expressed concerns that one of the biggest crises has developed in Yemen due to this conflict.  

The United States and Saudi are accusing that the Houthi rebels are receiving complete support from Iran. It has also been exposed that Iran-made missiles and spares of drones have been found with the Houthi rebels. Photographs of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Commander, openly being in constant contact with the Houthi rebels since the last two months, have been published. Iran has always supported the Houthi rebels in Yemen and criticised the Hadi government and Saudi’s actions. But Iran claims that it does not supply weapons to the Houthi rebels. 

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