US records 3,903 Coronavirus deaths in the last 24 hours

Washington: – The number of Coronavirus deaths in the United States, the country worst affected by the pandemic, is rising consistently. In the 24 hours on Wednesday, 3,903 Coronavirus deaths were reported from the United States. It is also reported that more than 125,000 cases have been admitted to the hospitals, at the same time. This is the highest recorded level in the United States, since the onset of the pandemic. Against this very background, the US health agency CDC issued a serious warning that more than 82 thousand patients could die in the next 24 days.   

us-corona-31-decIt is being revealed that the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic, which originated in China, is playing havoc around the globe. The number of reported Coronavirus cases has crossed 82.7 million and more than 1.8 million deaths have been reported. The number of cases and deaths has been increasing rapidly in Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Asian countries and Africa, and the United States. New strains have been found in countries like the United Kingdom, South Africa and Nigeria and the pandemic is said to be spreading more rapidly due to the new strain.   

Sensation has been created as the new strain detected in the United Kingdom was also found in the European countries, America and even the Asian countries. As per researchers, the new strain of the virus could be found even in the United States. Against this background, the increasing cases and deaths in the United States are sensational. 3,903 deaths were reported from the United States on Wednesday, taking the total number to 342,000. There was an addition of 229,000 new Coronavirus cases and 125,000 had to be admitted to hospitals. The local agencies informed that the total number of cases has crossed 19.74 million.   

Other than the United States, Coronavirus is spreading very rapidly, even in the United Kingdom and Russia. More than 50,000 cases and 981 deaths were reported from the United Kingdom, on Wednesday. Local agencies informed the total number of deaths in the United Kingdom have crossed 72,000. Against the background of this growing menace, the United Kingdom announced the approval of the second vaccine. Russia confessed that the number of Coronavirus deaths, in the country, is three times the reported numbers. As per the new information, the Coronavirus deaths in Russia have crossed 186,000  

Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation (WHO) issued a sensational warning that Coronavirus is not a huge pandemic and the world will be faced with more dangerous diseases in the future. Dr Mike Ryan, a senior official at the WHO, warned that the Coronavirus pandemic is a wake-up call for the human race. 

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