Indian Army repelled Chinese aggression with immense grit: Northern Command chief, Lt Gen Joshi

New Delhi: – Lieutenant General YK Joshi, the Chief of Northern Command of the Indian Army said that the courage shown by the Indian Army on Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh, against China is unparalleled.  Last year, in August, Indian Army’s action to take control of the strategically important hills on the LAC in Ladakh, became a massive success. This has given a strategic advantage to the Indian Army over China. At the same time, Lieutenant General Joshi said that the Northern Command is faced with three simultaneous challenges.   

Moreover, the Indian Army delivered a telling blow to the Chinese military, continuing with the anti-India activities even after the Galwan valley incident. On the midnight of 29-30th August, the Indian soldiers took control of the Mukhpari, Rechin La and Magar hills, to the south of the Pangong Tso lake. The Indian soldiers are stationed on these hills and spotting the Chinese military’s movements has become easier from this position. Moreover, in the situation of a conflict, these Chinese soldiers will be in range for the Indian Army. This has made China very restless. Therefore, China is consistently demanding the withdrawal of the Indian Army from the hills.  

This becomes a major positive for India. Lieutenant General YK Joshi claimed that this is giving India, an upper hand during negotiations with China. There are three challenges posed against the Indian Army in this sector. There is this omnipresent Pakistani threat, as the country has made terrorism as its national policy. There is a looming threat of Chinese intrusion on the LAC, which also is a major problem. Lieutenant General Joshi pointed out that the Northern Command is also faced with the internal security challenge along with these external threats. 

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