Northern Alliance launches attacks under the leadership of Amrullah Saleh

Bazarak: – Amrullah Saleh, who declared himself the president of Afghanistan after Ashraf Ghani fled, recaptured the Charikar area from the control of Taliban militants. Saleh is associated with Northern Alliance, which fought the Taliban in Afghanistan two decades ago. Anti-Taliban groups are coming together under Saleh’s leadership. Tajikistan has also said that Saleh is the president of Afghanistan.  


Taliban militants captured the Charikar area in Afghanistan’s Parwan province. But the gangs, led by Saleh, took control of Charikar and cracked down on Taliban militants. The gangs then hoisted the Northern Alliance flag in the Charikar area. Photographs and videos of the Northern Alliance flag flying in the streets of Panjshir province have surfaced. There have been reports of Taliban militants launching attacks in some areas to take control of Panjshir.  

The ‘Northern Alliance’ is said to be becoming stronger again due to Saleh’s fight against the Taliban. Saleh was a member of the Northern Alliance before taking over as head of Afghanistan‘s intelligence service and vice president. Ahmad Shah Massoud, the head of the Northern Alliance, was Saleh’s role model. After Ahmad Shah Massoud, Panjshir province is headed by his son Ahmad Massoud and is considered a friend of Saleh. 

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