All illegal immigrants in the US will be deported, as per the new orders of President Trump

Washington : Each and every  immigrant who has entered  and is residing illegally in the US, and posing a threat to the nation will be deported as per the orders of President Donald Trump. There was a severe backlash in US on Trump’s earlier orders on immigrants and there are countrywide protests on this. Despite this opposition, and as per the new orders,  it is now  clear that Trump has made his anti-immigrant  stand  more severe.

The White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, on Tuesday at a press conference gave information about the new orders issued by President Trump. Spicer made clear the role of the new orders but emphasized that a fear need not be harboured that the new orders of President Trump will start an exodus. The new orders have only empowered the officials entrusted with the related agencies, to strictly implement the current existing rules. President Trump also believed that there should not be any restrictions on agencies working  for immigrants, he said.

The White House Secretary informed further that those individuals who pose a threat to the security of US or who have committed crime, will have  no place in US and will be the first to go out. Trump administration however, has kept the policy of exempting children from such orders, as it is. There are about 7.5 lakhs children in US considered illegal immigrants and this category is known as ‘Dreamers‘.

Henceforth, the policy of catching illegal entrants at the US borders and then releasing them is cancelled; they will be kept at ‘detention centers‘. At the same time, any illegal immigrant who has committed a crime, small or a big, in US or has been taken into custody as suspect will be deported. The order further states that an individual who fails to prove his legal residence in US for two years will be deported.         

In order  to implement the new orders, the ‘Homeland Security’ department in US will recruit 10,000 additional officers. At the same time, additional 5000 soldiers will be deployed on the border, informs the sources. There are also orders to execute these orders on urgent basis.

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