There was threat of Third World War due to tampering of nuclear weapons by aliens, claims former US Air Force official

Washington: – A retired US military official claimed that aliens could instigate a third world war by launching nuclear weapons. He claimed that the aliens had tampered with nuclear weapons five decades ago. Retired US Air Force officers will soon be making the public announcement, claimed Robert Salas. Details regarding this will be announced on 19th October.  


Robert Salas, a former US Air Force officer, cited the events of 1967 to support his claim. On March 24th 1967, Salas was stationed at the underground nuclear launch site at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana. Salas claimed that all ten intercontinental ballistic missiles deployed at the base had been activated at the time. After a while, the missiles became operational, and their launching sequences began, and it was out of our control to stop them, Salas said.  

A major disaster was averted as the countdown was stopped before it came to zero, Salas said. This is not the only incident that happened, as eight days before that, on March 16, 1967, a similar incident had occurred at another missile base, Salas said. The British newspaper Daily Star reported that Salas claimed that the United States would have come under attack from the enemies, which would have sparked the third world war.  

Salas said four retired senior US Air Force officers would soon reveal information about nuclear weapons and aliens. The newspaper claimed that all four officials would reveal the details hidden from the world regarding the UFOs. Salas had appealed for funding from the American public to expose all this information to the world. Salas said earlier this month that he had received a good response.  

In a post on social media, Salas said that retired military officers would reveal the details to the media on October 19 at the National Press Club in Washington. This press conference will be attended by selected guests as well as some members of the US Congress. Efforts are also underway to broadcast the event live on social media, Salas said.  

Salas had mentioned regarding the aliens earlier too. The US administration has been accused of withholding information about aliens. A year ago, it had been appealed on social media to raid Area 51 in the United States. 

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