The ‘Air Defence Command’ will be activated next year, declares Defence Chief General Rawat

New Delhi: Defence Chief General Bipin Rawat announced that the Air Defence Command, responsible for complete security of the Indian airspace, will be activated at the beginning of the next year. General Rawat also informed that moves have started to develop two to five Theatre Commands and there will be an independent Theatre Command for Jammu-Kashmir. General Rawat also announced that the responsibility of the maritime security would be with the Peninsula Command, which will be activated in 2021.

On 31st December, General Rawat took over the responsibility as the first Defence Chief of India. This post was created to increase the coordination and cooperation between the three wings of defence forces. It was indicated that there will be restructuring in the Indian Defence forces. Accordingly, General Rawat announced that two to five Theatre Commands will be created soon. General Rawat said that the Air Defence Command, responsible for the complete security of the Indian airspace would be activated at the beginning of 2021.

The 'Air Defence Command' will be activated next year, declares Defence Chief General RawatThis Air Defence Command will have long-range missiles and Air Defence Systems. An officer of Air Marshal rank will lead it. It will be responsible not only for the airstrikes, but also the air defence. General Rawat said on this occasion that the purchase of 114 fighter jets for the Indian Air Force, in being expedited for this purpose. India had finished the terrorists by attacking Balakot in Pakistan, following the Pulwama attack, last year. Thereafter, Pakistan had attempted retaliation, intruding into the Indian airspace and India had lost a fighter jet during the encounter that ensued. Taking all this into account, Air Defence Command is being activated to strengthen the air defence.

The Eastern and Western Commands of the Indian Navy will be combined to form the Peninsula Command. The Peninsula command will be responsible for maritime security. Indian Navy is demanding one more aircraft carrier and General Rawat informed that this request is under consideration. Therefore, there could be three aircraft carriers operating in the Indian Naval fleet, simultaneously. But the Defence Chief clarified that currently, the submarines are being prioritised on, than the aircraft carrier.

Along with this, the Logistics Command is responsible for the supply of defence equipment and other necessary materials will be established. The logistics Command may have its bases even in foreign countries. General Rawat clarified that an independent command would be created for Jammu-Kashmir and moves in that direction have already started. This Indian decision will have a major impact and will rock Pakistan, planning to fight a proxy war with India using terrorism as a weapon. The restructuring of the Indian defence forces can send panic waves in Pakistan, known to carry out terror attacks in Kashmir and then refusing the knowledge and responsibility of the attack.

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