Afghan President criticizes pro-terrorism policies of Pakistan

Warsaw : While addressing the NATO summit in the capital of Poland, Warsaw, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani criticized Pakistan. Pakistan still differentiates between the terrorists as ‘good’ and ‘bad’, fiercely alleged the President, Ghani. Pakistan reacted to this terming the blame of the Afghan President as unfortunate. Afghanistan is blaming Pakistan for all its failures, criticized Pakistan Foreign Office.    


Ghani-Sharif- NawazAfghanistan has taken an initiative to establish good relationship with its neighboring countries. Except Pakistan, all the neighboring countries are responding in an excellent manner to these efforts. Pakistan maintains distinction between good and bad terrorists which prove to be a dangerous; the President Ghani targeted pro terrorism policies of Pakistan with these words. Pakistan is not ready to follow any rules in this regard by saying this Ghani indicated that Pakistan cannot be trust worthy.    

Pakistan, on one hand declares war against terrorism but on the other hand it secretly helps Taliban in Afghanistan. Even if Pakistan openly blusters against terrorism then too it does not reflect in Pakistan’s policy, thus specifically stated the President Ghani during the NATO Summit. Ashraf Ghani even brought to notice that Pakistan’s pro terrorism policy is highly impacting our nation’s security. At the same time, Ghani also clarified in this Summit that Pakistan who fails to follow any rules should be pressurize internationally.  

 Meanwhile, quick reactions emanated from Pakistan on this criticism made by the President Ghani. Pakistan Foreign office has claimed that such a criticism from an Afghani leader proves to be unfortunate. Pakistan is putting sincere efforts to maintain peace in Afghanistan. But Afghanistan is blaming Pakistan for all its failures, said the spokesman of the Pakistan foreign office. Pakistan had lent a helping hand towards Afghanistan to take action against the Afghani terrorists targeting Pakistan. Also, Pakistan took an initiative to plan a border between the two nations. Thus, instead of blaming, the leaders of Afghanistan should support Pakistan against terrorism, said this spokesman.  

Obama GhaniAlthough Pakistan has reacted, yet the statement made by the Afghan President in the NATO summit has gained immense importance. After coming to power, President Ghani took efforts to improve the relations with Pakistan. For this, he went against his colleagues and senior officers too. But, within no time Ghani had expressed a feeling of getting betrayed because of the policies of Pakistan. President Ghani has taken the same stand against Pakistan even more emphatically in the summit of NATO at Warsaw.  

In order to get success for the NATO in the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan, it is indeed necessary to stop Pakistan that is encouraging terrorism. Otherwise it is impossible to achieve victory in the war against terrorism in Afghanistan, indicates President Ghani from the dais of the NATO. It will impact strongly on the stand taken by the NATO.

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