Coronavirus cases in India cross 9,30,000

New Delhi: The Covid death toll in the country is over 24,000 and the cases are over 9,30,000. On Monday, 28,498 new cases were reported in only 24 hours. Moreover, more than 26,000 patients were reported in five consecutive days. Until Tuesday night, more than 25,000 patients were reported across the nation; the states confirmed this figure.   

Moreover, in only four days, more than a lakh Coronavirus cases were reported. Hence, the number of cases across the nation has crossed nine lakhs. Three lakh cases have been reported in only 15 days. By Tuesday night, the toll in the country has reached 23,727, whereas the total count of toll has reached at 9,06,752. However, by night, the death toll crosses over 24,000, and total cases are over 9,30,000.    

Maharashtra reports 213 deaths in only a day. Besides, 6,714 new cases were reported. 66 people died in Tamil Nadu, and 4,328 new cases were reported too. Karnataka reported 2,496 cases. Telangana found more than 1500 Covid cases. Delhi reported 1250 new cases. More than 1,600 patients were found in Uttar Pradesh.     

Besides, the rate of recovered Covid patients is up to 63%. So far, 5,73,000 patients have been cured and discharged. According to the information of the Health Ministry, 80% of the Covid patients under treatment are from across ten states. Moreover, 50% of these patients are from Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. Whereas, 36% of patients are from Karnataka, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, West Bengal and Assam. 

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