25 killed in terror attack in DR Congo

Kinshasa: Almost 25 people were killed in the terrorist attack in DR Congo. It is said that the attack was carried out near the city of Beni in the eastern part of DR Congo. The ADF group linked to both the terrorist organisations Al-Qaeda and ISIS is suspected of having a hand in the attack. A spate of attacks has been carried out in DR Congo since the last few months, and there are indications of the terrorist organisations in Africa becoming stronger.

25 killed in terror attack in DR CongoThe DR Congo military has launched an aggressive campaign against the ADF. Under this campaign, the military unit had received information that the ADF terrorists had reached near Beni. The terrorists launched an attack on the farmers, killing 25 people, as the military unit chased these terrorists. Since November, there have been consistent attacks in DR Congo, and accusations are rife that the attack proves that the military and security agencies have failed.

DR Congo also has been hit by Coronavirus like the other African countries, and the government has launched a campaign to control the pandemic. But the attacks by the terrorists are creating obstacles in the implementation. Last year, the terrorists and rebels in DR Congo had targeted the centres built to counter the Ebola epidemic and the volunteers working at these centres.

25 killed in terror attack in DR CongoADF is known as one of the prominent terrorist organisations operating in Uganda and DR Congo. It was being claimed that the power of the organisation had been reduced because of the campaigns undertaken by the militaries of both countries. But the increase in the attacks since the last few months shows that the terrorist organisations are becoming stronger again.

DR Congo is one of the African countries with leading natural resources. The country with a population of more than 90 million has huge Cobalt, Copper, Diamonds, and Coltan mines. As per one report, the country has a vast mineral wealth of about USD 24 trillion.

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