40 killed by IS in Mosul, Iraq

Baghdad: Flabbergasted by the stringent action of the Iraqi military in Mosul, IS has mercilessly killed 40 civilians, at the same time stockpiled Sulphur by digging huge pits across the city as preparedness to cause further damages. This massacre by IS is being condemned globally.

mosul-iraq-soldier- Iraqi militaryThe Iraq military has made major gains in Mosul. In the past few days, the Iraqi forces have been acquiring control over locations under IS possession.

The IS has accused civilians in Mosul of spying for the Iraqi security forces and specified them to be responsible for the success of the Iraqi Army. Consequently, IS killed the 40 civilians and hung their corpses at various intersections in the city. In the last one week, IS has killed around 70 citizens in Mosul.

In addition to the above, UN has confirmed that incidents of IS atrocities on women and girls in Mosul is on the rise. IS terrorists are training and inducting teenage boys into terrorism. IS is planning to use these teenagers as ‘human shields’ to face the Iraqi military assaults. Further, the terrorists have planned chemical attacks on the Iraqi forces marching forward in Mosul.

In the interim, the Iraqi military forces have attacked “Al-Bakr” in Mosul and conquered “Arbaiyah”. Although the Iraqi forces have achieved success in the battle of Mosul, Iraqi analysts say that it will take some more time to completely evacuate the terrorists from this area.

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