Turkey should build nuclear weapons, appeals Turkey government’s mouthpiece

Ankara : ‘Turkey should not attack the ‘IS’ who is having enmity with the Western nations. ‘IS’ is a headache of the Western nations. Instead, Turkey should concentrate on the battle against terrorism within the country. Moreover, the Erdoğan government should build nuclear weapons and be prepared for the future’, appealed a Turkish newspaper. This appeal made by the newspaper holds importance in the wake of the growing tensions between Turkey and the European nations since the past few days.

After the last year’s terror attacks in Turkey’s capital city Ankara, as also in Istanbul and other cities, Turkey’s army has invaded Syria. Since past seven months, Turkey’s military, after having opened an independent front in Syria, is battling against the ‘IS’. It is claimed that in this battle, the Turkish military has driven away the ‘IS’ from some parts of Syria and has gained control over these territories. However, it is said that certain groups in Turkey are not happy with the participation of Turkey’s military in the Syrian conflict. This discontent was expressed in the Turkish daily, ‘YeniSafak’.

Until now ‘YeniSafak’ was identified as a newspaper supporting the stand adopted by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. However, for the first time, Ibrahim Karagul, the editor of this daily, has appealed the Turkish government to back out from the conflict in Syria. The article says, ‘Turkey is wasting its military capability by participating in the conflict against ‘IS’ in Syria. ‘IS’ is the enemy of the Westerners. They will infiltrate into our country and cities and will cause havoc, if we declare war against these terrorists. Instead, we should consider our priorities and the threats posed to our country and concentrate on the same.’

Karagul condemned the European nations in stern words stating, ‘Turkey, who is battling in Syria in order that the ‘IS’ terrorists do not enter into the European countries and cause any threats to them, is neither a ‘Security Guard’ of the European nations nor a ‘Migrant Control Squad’. Also, while backing out from the Syrian conflict, Turkey should prepare itself for the possible scenario of a World War. Turkey should procure nuclear arms for the same, suggested the said article.

‘Considering the condemnable attacks taking place since past few months in Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and other European nations, it is evident that some big, historical plan is behind it. These attacks are carried out with the intention of creating a sense of hatred amidst the European nations against Turkey. This sense of hatred will not recede even after the elections in Turkey. Hence Turkey should fully equip itself to face any situation in the future. Turkey should be prepared to develop nuclear weapons also’, appealed the said article. In today’s world, no country can survive without nuclear weapons, claimed ‘Karagul’.

After having advised for withdrawal from the conflict against ‘IS’ in Syria and also for developing nuclear weapons, the daily also indicated that the Erdoğan government should be prepared for a new role. Western countries have become very old and have now reached a state of stagnation, remarked the newspaper. The capabilities of these western countries have decreased after the second world war, claimed the newspaper.

It is said that there is nothing new in the appeal made to President Erdoğan through the Turkish news daily. Earlier as well, the leaders close to Erdoğan, so also the religious leaders had appealed to recall the army from Syria. They had also suggested that Turkey should ignore the restrictions imposed on it by the Western nations and should start developing nuclear arms.

Meanwhile, in the Syrian conflict, the US is battling against the ‘IS’ with the assistance of Kurd rebels. But Turkey has already declared the Kurd rebellions as ‘Terrorists’. Hence Turkey had warned earlier that the US and the British soldiers, who are battling with the help of the Kurd rebellions,  declared as ‘terrorists’ by Turkey, will also be considered as ‘terrorists’.

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