More than 100 Drug Peddlers killed in Bangladesh’s ‘War On Drugs’

Dhaka: An aggressive campaign against smuggling and trade of narcotic substances has been undertaken in Bangladesh. More than 100 smugglers have been killed in the operation, ‘War on Drugs’ which started two weeks ago. Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina had ordered a crackdown on the traders of narcotic substancesa few weeks ago.

war on drugs; bangladesh, drugs, smugglersThe Bangladeshi agencies informed that twelve people were killed in the joint operation of the ‘Rapid Action Battalion’ and ‘Anti-Crime Unit’ of Bangladesh on Monday night. Bangladesh’s Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan, asserted that this campaign will continue till the narcotic substances are completely wiped out from Bangladesh. But some human rights groups and foreign diplomats have expressed concerns that this action is out of the purview of the judiciary.

There is no harvesting of narcotic substances in Bangladesh, but it is said that there is large scale smuggling from neighbouring Myanmar. The aforesaid action has been undertaken to stop this smuggling of narcotics. ‘Rapid Action Battalion’ and ‘Anti-Crime Unit’ are carrying out raids during the nights, at the locations where the trade of narcotics is carried out. More than 100 smugglers have been killed so far in these raids. More than 7,000 people have been arrested during the operations. Six people involved with the trade of narcotic substances were arrested in an operation on Sunday. One of them is said to be Rohingya.

Prior to this, the Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte had created a sensation by undertaking an extensive ‘War on Drugs’ campaign. Following this Indonesia also had taken up an extensive action against the trade of narcotics.

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