… US will then lift restrictions against Russia : Claims Donald Trump

Washington: If in future, Russia takes a cooperative stance with US, then only all the restrictions imposed by US will be lifted, said the US President elect Donald Trump. In an interview given to ‘The Wall Street Journal‘ Trump indicated that US would give a conditional response to the issue of China’s ‘One China Policy‘. It is being assumed that these words of Trump are indicative of changes in future foreign policies of US.


… US will then lift restrictions against Russia : Claims Donald Trump

Trump added that the restrictions will continue to be in effect. However in future if Russia is supportive towards US, and if there is a consensus within them, then no permanent restrictions will be imposed on nations with good intentions (Russia). A few days back, people in Trump’s inner circle had criticized restrictions imposed on Russia by President Obama and also hinted  at  the removal of these  restrictions in a matter of time. Trump in his own speech on the subject  had  confirmed the views.

The stance taken by Trump towards Russia has created a sensation in the political circles in US and likewise become a subject of criticism. For this, Trump was given a dressing down by President Obama as well as senior leaders from his own Party.

The American Secret Service had directly held President Putin of Russia  and his  Secret Service responsible for the cyber attacks during the elections. A report, too, was published on the subject. After this an enquiry was undertaken by a committee in the US Senate. The senior leaders in Trump’s own Republican Party  wanted Russia to be taught a lesson on this issue.

In spite of this, Trump has created a sensation by hinting at  lifting the restrictions. It may prove difficult for the President – elect to lift restrictions as some colleagues chosen by him are opposed to lifting curbs on Russia.

Like the restrictions on Russia, Trump has given indications of a revision to ‘One China Policy‘ on conditional basis. Trump declared that the ‘One China Policy‘ would be acceptable provided the issues like China’s ‘yuan‘ currency and trade related policies are favorable to US. There could be a discussion on all issues, he said, however  on economic  issues China manipulates US, blames Trump.

American officials have said, that the National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, selected by Trump is in constant contact with the Russian officials.

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