On the background of Russian-Turkish-Iranian alliance, US President hold talks with Israeli Prime Minister

Third World WarWashington: While the tripartite talks still continue between Russia, Iran and Turkey, US President Donald Trump and the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a telephonic discussion. It is said that US President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu discussed developments in Syria, Iranian movements and the threat faced by Israel due to the Palestinian protests. The White House informed that the US President also had a discussion with the Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad al Thani, about the Iranian threat.


There is a lot of activity in the Middle East as well as the Persian Gulf and the countries in these regions are keeping a close watch on the movements of their respective opponents. Russian President Vladimir Putin is currently in Turkey to take part in the tripartite talks with Turkey and Iran. It may have been declared that these talks are about the Syrian issue but it has become clear that the three countries have formed an alliance through these talks. There are indications that this alliance can change the equations in the region and the movements in that direction have already started. It is also clear that the United States has taken a serious note of the matter.

us, israel, russia, iran, turkeyIt has been revealed that President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu have discussed the issue of the tripartite talks between Russia, Iran and Turkey during their telephonic discussion. Although, no further details are available about the discussion, the ‘timing’ of the talks proves to be very crucial. Turkey and Iran are openly threatening Israel since the last week. Turkey, in fact, has appealed to the Islamic countries to form a unified army command to attack Israel, at the same time. Also, Turkish President has hinted the Turkish people to be prepared for a third world war.

In this situation, the discussion between President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu draws attention. While this news is being published, President Trump also had discussions with the Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad al Thani. The White House informed that this discussion was in view of the increasing Iranian threat. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt are currently opposed to Qatar and this shows the widening rift between the Arab countries. To counter the entrapment by Saudi and its allies, Qatar had sought help from Turkey and Iran. But in the situation of the increasing Iranian threat, the discussion between President Trump and Emir of Qatar can be very significant.

The United States had appealed that disputes between Qatar and the Arab countries should be resolved peacefully. In the current scenario, unity amongst the Arabic nations is important. President Trump has appealed to the Emir of Qatar that Qatar and the Arabic countries need to unite keeping all the disputes aside, informed the White House.

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