US facing challenges from terrorists, China and Russia, warn President Trump in ‘State of the Union’

Washington : US should possess unmatched military strength to face destructive governments, terrorist organisations and competitors like China and Russia because the US is facing with challenges from all of these at economic, political and ideological levels., conveyed president Trump in his first speech at the ‘State of the Union.’ President Trump drew the attention of the public to the changes in the goals and policies, the economic progress and increased employment in his regime.


The American president, every year, presents the account of the previous year’s performance to American Congress in the ‘State of the Union’ speech. This was president Trump’s first address and the Republican senators in the congress and the American public welcomed the speech. During his 80-minute speech Trump proclaimed ‘New America’. ‘Today America has become a single society, everyone in America has become one family’, said Trump.

us, china, russia, terrorists, donald trump‘Destructive governments, terrorist organisations and competitors like China and Russia will become dangerous if the US became weak. But, if the US has unmatched strength then it will be able to face these challenges’, claimed president Trump. Trump declared that his administration is making the US powerful and increasing the American influence abroad. In order to achieve this, the US will have to make fresh increases in its nuclear power, he indicated that the policy to reduce the nuclear weapons arsenal of the Obama administration, will be withdrawn.

President Trump withdrew the decision by the Obama administration, to close the ‘Guantanamo Bay’ prison for the anti-American terrorists. President Trump said ‘the terrorists released by the US and sent to their countries, were fighting against the US in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan’ and declared that the Guantanamo Bay prison will be operational again. Soon the terrorists will be transferred to the prison, clarified Trump. He also instructed the defence minister, Jim Mattis, to take necessary actions.

“Last year I had declared the annihilation of the ‘IS’. After one year we are succeeding in this objective and we have freed 100% of the land in IS’s possession. Now, this war on terror will continue till the complete annihilation of the IS,’ said President Trump. ‘The North Korean threat is increasing and in the next few months North Korea may be able to acquire missiles capable of targeting the US,’ claimed president Trump.

Trump said, other than this the policies implemented by his administration has resulted in 2.4 million new jobs and the wage scale also has been improved. The Tax reforms in the last year also proving to be helpful for the American economy and the days of surrender are over for the American economy. The American economy will progress rapidly in the coming times. Trump indicated that the US will co-operate with the nations involved with credible trade.

President Trump appealed to the democrat leaders that there is a need to forget the differences and work with the government for the creation of ‘New America’.

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