US can not use Russia as an enemy for a long time

Moscow/Washington : By raising the bogey that Russia is a threat to the European countries, the US has so far managed to keep a permanent  grip  on these countries. However, US may not be able to use this ploy of Russia being an enemy, for a long time nor retain its influence over these countries. In these words the Russian President Vladimir Putin thus warned US. These claims have been made by President Putin, in an interview given to a renowned US producer Oliver Stone, the extracts of which are being released in US.  


Only last week Stone had interviewed the Russian President. Some extract from the interview is being released every day. That part of the interview wherein Putin mentions about US using Russia to keep its  control on the European nations was released on Thursday. In the interview Putin criticized the US for putting pressures on the East European countries to retain its influence there. President Putin however added that very soon these efforts of the US may prove unsuccessful.

The US Senate on Wednesday had resolved that the sanctions imposed on Russia should be permanent. These sanctions were imposed on Russia by the then Obama Administration to oppose Russian action in Ukraine. The US Senate had declared that the sanctions on Russia should be enhanced further. A voting was resorted to in the Senate to decide if these sanctions could be permanently retained. In this voting, 97 senators backed the imposition of sanctions on Russia. Only 2 senators opposed it.

The US Senate has blamed Russia for the annexation of Crimea and violating the sovereignty of Ukraine State. Sanctions had been imposed on Russia for its role in the Syrian conflict. Moreover, Russia has been accused by the US Senate for meddling in the Presidential Elections in the US.

The Russian President has expressed anger over the imposition of new sanctions by the US Senate. While speaking to the reporters he informed that US has been finding  various  reasons to impose new sanctions on Russia to retard Russian progress. These sanctions from the  US have not affected Russia. He further  informed that the threat to the Russian economy is over and the inflation too, is coming down.  

President Putin added that these sanctions on Russia are a reflection of the internal strife in US. He blamed a section of the US leadership for constantly  targeting Russia when internal politics is rife. But at the same time Putin said that President Donald Trump is a good person for trying to establish cordial relations with Russia.

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