US future Defense Minister gives first setback to Pakistan

Washington – Pakistan received its first setback from ‘James Mattis’ who is Donald Trump’s pick for US Secretary of Defense. While addressing  the ‘Armed Services Committee’ of the US Parliament, Mattis blamed the aid provided by Pakistan to Taliban for the bloodshed in Afghanistan. Also the objectives of the US in this area are posing a threat due to the policies of Pakistan. Mattis said that once he gets appointed as the Secretary of Defense, Pakistan would be compelled to take action against these terrorists.


MattisPakistan had suffered a major shock when Donald Trump had got elected as the US President. Pakistan received an even major blow when Trump announced the name of James Mattis for the designation of Secretary of Defense. Mattis retired in the year 2013 who was serving as a Commander of the ‘US Central Command’. Mattis had taken a fierce stance against Pakistan by making a scathing allegation that Pakistan is providing aid to the Talibani terrorists in Afghanistan. As a result, the analysts in Pakistan have started expressing fear that once Mattis takes up as Defense Minister, he would not miss a single opportunity to target Pakistan.

While providing information to the ‘Armed Services Committee’, Mattis presented his original standpoint regarding Pakistan in subtle words. Pakistan is providing aid to the terrorists in Afghanistan causing bloodshed in Afghanistan. How to confront the – terrorist organizations operating from Pakistan’s border and causing destruction in Afghanistan remains a question in front of the Afghan security forces Therefore Mattis expects  that Pakistan should take action against the Taliban & Haqqani Network  terrorists operating from its boundaries and attacking other countries. Mattis also retorted that Pakistan will have to accept a few harsh lessons regarding this.

Mattis further stated that once resuming office as the Defense Minister, he would encourage Pakistan to take action against the terrorist organizations. To attain its objectives in this region, the US cannot rely on the Pakistani government and its military in the current scenario. However Mattis further said that once he becomes the Defense Minister, he would try to strengthen this faith. Therefore it can be seen that Mattis has presented the plan of his expectations from Pakistan in front of the ‘Armed Services Committee’.

The glimpse of the pressure building on Pakistan can be seen through the claims made by Mattis once he becomes the Defense Minister. Meanwhile, Russia being a competitor of the US in a few areas ,the US faces its biggest threat from Russia. We look forward to have a discussing with Russia but it is essential to accept a realistic approach regarding this. it is necessary to understand what Russia is up to’, by stating this, it can be seen that Mattis has taken a stance opposing the policies adopted so far by Donald Trump.

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