China bigger threat to US than Russia, says CIA Chief Mike Pompeo

Washington: CIA director Mike Pompeo has warned ‘Russia will interfere in the mid-term elections in the US’. There is a lot of stir created by this claim in the US and the media has upheld the claim. But, the CIA chief also warned that there is a bigger threat from China than Russia as China is more influential.


us, russia, china, ciaThe US will have mid-term elections in this year. 435 members in the lower house, the ‘House Of Representatives’ and 33 members in the upper house, the Senate will be appointed in these mid-term elections. I am convinced that Russia will interfere in these elections, said Pompeo. Pompeo claimed that this can be certainly said as the Russian activities in the US are continuing. The American media gave a lot of coverage to the statements issued.

It is alleged that the US President Donald Trump won the presidential elections because of the Russian interference. President Trump’s political opponents as well as the media who are opposed to him, are projecting this. While the investigation is going on in the matter, the CIA chief talking about the possibility of the Russian interference in the mid-term elections has sparked a fresh debate. But, Pompeo has highlighted that there is a higher perception of threat from China than Russia. The Chinese espionage and influence in the US is increasing, even more than Russia. Pompeo has levelled serious allegations that China is doing the same thing in the European countries.

Jerry Chun Shing Lee, a former CIA agent was arrested recently for passing on confidential information to China. It had been exposed that extremely confidential and sensitive information was reaching China for more than two years before that. About 20 informers who were passing China’s confidential information to the US were detained and some of these were killed. There was a confusion in the CIA about how this information reached China. Against this background, the warning by Pompeo about China becomes important. China is pushing spies into the US to get the confidential information. Pompeo blamed that some people of the American systems are being used for this purpose. China is spying in the American educational institutions, hospitals and other healthcare organisations, even in the American corporate sector and increasing its influence, said Pompeo. China is doing the same thing in Britain and other European nations, he said.

Even before the CIA Chief’s allegations, countries like Australia and Germany have levelled similar allegations against China. The Australian government is implementing strict measures to contain this Chinese espionage. The Chinese plot of, increasing its influence over the US and dominating the world becomes clear through espionage in major nations, which is exposed once again.

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