Republican Senator Lindsey Graham slams Democrats for initiating ‘Impeach Trump’ war

Washington: – Lindsey Graham, Republican leader in the US Senate, slammed the Ruling Democrat party. He said that the party declared a war against the former President. Graham expressed fear that no future US president is safe and the Democrat party can initiate action against them within 50 hours after they step down. The US media also fired salvos of criticism against the impeachment started against Trump. Moreover, they accused that this is an effort to distract voters from the main issues.   

trump-democrat-2Action has been initiated against former President Trump, accusing him of inciting Capitol Hill’s violence last month. The lower house of the US Congress- the House of Representatives has approved the action process. After that, on Tuesday, the action has been initiated in the Senate – upper house of the US congress. Before that, Lindsey Graham, the senior leader of the Republican party, targeted the Democrat party.  

The process to declare Trump guilty in the House of Representatives was incorrect. 74-year-old Trump was not even allowed to defend himself. The action taken by the Democrat party is a war against the post of US President. The Republican leader claimed that the evidence shown to declare Trump guilty is not enough for action even against a traffic offender in the United States. Lindsey Graham criticised the Democrats saying that the Democrat party is after destroying the post of US President.   

The Republican leaders claimed that the founders of the United States did not want their citizens hounded. Therefore, making the President step down is the only prescribed punishment. This only means that no action can be taken against the former President. Even then, hounding the President who has stepped down was never the purpose of impeachment. The intention is not even to stop from contesting future Presidential elections. 

Lindsey Graham pointed out that the actions of the Democrat party are setting a wrong example; this will pose a threat to all the future US Presidents. In the future, any President can be found guilty within 50 hours without a hearing or attorney, just based on hatred. In this respect, an impeachment process can be started against even George Washington, the founder President of the United States, on the slavery issue. The US media also have fired a salvo of criticism on the US Senate’s action against former President Trump.   

Laura Ingraham, a leading program host on the Fox News channel, accused that the action started against former President Trump is to weaken the morale of voters with a traditional mindset. At the same time, Ingraham claimed that the leftist groups revolted against the US population and President Joe Biden is their leader. 

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