Supporters of Navalny are traitors and NATO agents, accuses Russia

Moscow: – The Russian foreign department made a crushing allegation that the supporters of Alexi Navalny, agitating against President Vladimir Putin, are traitors and NATO agents. Alexi Navalny, a bitter rival of President Putin, was sent to jail last month. Protests have started in Russia against it, and the European countries have demanded the release of Navalny.   

Last year, in August, there had been a near-lethal poisoning attempt on Navalny. It was accused that the Russian government was responsible for it. Last month, when Navalny returned to Russia, he was immediately sent to prison. Navalny supporters have started extensive protests against it, and the protests are continuing in various Russian cities for the third successive week. The Russian government has taken an aggressive stand against the protests, and more than 8,000 protestors have been detained so far.  

Intense reactions were received from the western countries over the harsh actions taken by the Russian government against the protestors. It was also accused that Russian President Putin is trying to suppress the voices of the opposition. Some European countries even expelled the Russian Ambassador. Whereas, the United States has started preparations for the imposition of harsh sanctions. A strong reaction has been received from Russia over these movements by the western countries.   

Maria Zakharova, the Russian foreign department spokeswoman, accused, ‘Stop calling Navalny supporters as the opposition. These are not the opponents, and they are different. Navalny supporters are agents under another influence, and there is evidence to prove it. On 8th of February, the Navalny supporters held a meeting with the European Union representatives, along with the United States and the United Kingdom. Europe, the US and UK, all are a part of NATO. The decision to destabilise Russia was taken in this very meeting.’ Zakharova also accused that Navalny supporters, Leonid Volkov and Vladimir Ashurkov, are both traitors. Leonid Volkov is Navalny’s Chief of Staff and is residing in Lithuania. At the same time, Vladimir Ashurkov is pulling strings by living in the United Kingdom. 

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