New President Joe Biden issues nine ordinances, within 24 hours; reverses Trump decisions

Washington: President Joe Biden swung into action immediately after being sworn in as the United States’ new President. In the last 24 hours, President Biden issued nearly 17 ordinances, including nine ordinances reversing important decisions taken by President Trump. Biden administration has decided to again participate in the Paris Environment Treaty and the World Health Organisation. At the same time, it has cancelled decisions regarding immigration, Mexico wall and fuel pipeline.


New President Joe Biden issues nine ordinances, within 24 hours; reverses Trump decisionsJoe Biden and Kamala Harris, of the Democrat party, were sworn in as the 46th President and Vice President, of the United States. Biden has functioned as the Vice President, during the tenure of Barack Obama, between 2008 and 2016. Whereas, Kamala Harris becomes the first woman Vice President of the United States. India, the United States, Germany, Russia, and China and other countries in the world, have congratulated the Biden-Harris pair. Indian Vice President Venkaiah Naidu and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, posted congratulatory messages for Biden, on the social media.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that this is a big moment for the United Kingdom and the United States. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that there is a scope for political understanding with President Biden. European Union President, Ursula Von Der Leyen registered a reaction ‘The United States is back’. Russian Ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, expressed a view that a new chapter has started in the Russia-US relationship. Hua Chunying, the spokeswoman of the Chinese foreign ministry, said that the envoys, in the United States, wanting healthy relations with China will defeat the evil powers in the times to come.

During his speech at the swearing-in, President Biden said that this is a day of democracy, the United States and new hope. At the same time, he also cautioned the United States population over the Coronavirus mayhem in the country. President Biden said that the coming time is like a ‘Black Winter’ for the United States and everyone should reserve their energy to face this period. He also warned that the coming times would be the most arduous and dangerous for the United States. Meanwhile, following the swearing-in President Biden immediately took the reins in his hands. In the last 24 hours, he signed a whopping 17 ordinances. Nine ordinances out of these are to reverse the orders issued by former President Donald Trump. These include immediately stopping the work on the Mexico wall, removing the entry ban on citizens of seven countries and stopping the immigrants’ comprehensive action against the immigrants.

At the same time, the new US administration has decided to again participate in the Paris Environment Treaty. The process of withdrawal from the World Health Organisation has also been stopped. The decision to include non-citizens in the census also has been taken. The approval awarded to the Keystone Pipeline, important for the US fuel sector, has been withdrawn. The analysts are claiming that President Biden will reverse many decisions taken by former President Donald Trump, in the next few days.

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