Trump is a 70-day guest, but we will remain forever – Iran threatens Arab countries

Tehran: – Iran, comforted by media reports of the defeat of President Donald Trump in the US Presidential elections, has started threatening the Middle East countries. Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif threatened the Middle East countries in pricking words, ‘After 70 days, Trump will not be the President of the United States, but the Iranian government is perpetual. It is not a good policy to depend on another country for security.’ Zarif also warned that if these countries did not change their anti-Iran stand, they would have to face dire consequences.   

iran-zarifReports of a thumping victory for Joe Biden in the US presidential elections have been published in the media. Biden will take the oath of Presidentship in January 2021. Iran has not openly welcomed Biden’s win. But, it has issued a warning to the Arab countries which are trying to increase their closeness to the United States, following reports of the Trump defeat. Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif, who just returned from a visit to the Latin American countries, issued a threat to the Arab countries through a social media post without a direct mention.   

Referring to the United States as an outside country, Foreign Minister Zarif accused that the Arab countries gambled by taking assistance from the United States for their security. Iranian Foreign Minister said that this gamble would not pay off. Foreign Minister Zarif delivered a message, ‘The Iranian neighbours should take the initiative to resolve disputes with Iran through negotiations. We can prosper only if we are united.’ The Iranian Foreign Minister has apparently given a veiled threat that the Middle East countries will have to face dire consequences if they do not leave the US hand and reconcile with Iran.   

Iranian foreign ministry too criticised President Trump and issued a threat to the Middle East countries in clear words. Saeed Khatibzadeh, the spokesman of the Iranian foreign ministry, criticised, ‘The Trump administration has taken some very wrong decisions over the last few years. The US efforts to exert pressure on Iran have failed.’ Whereas, Khatibzadeh warned that the Arab countries, heavily dependent on the US cooperation, also should establish cooperation with Iran.   

Meanwhile, Iran is hoping that Joe Biden, after becoming the President, will adopt a different policy than Trump and will scrap the defence cooperation with Saudi and the other Middle East countries. At the same time, the reactions received from Iran indicate that Iran seems confident that Biden administration will sign a new nuclear deal with Iran. But, like President Obama, if Biden takes such a decision regarding Iran after taking over as the President, vitriolic reactions will emanate from Saudi Arabia, the other Middle East countries and even Israel. This could jeopardise the US interests in the Gulf region. 

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