Possible truce between Saudi and Qatar after three years of tension

Doha: – Saudi and Qatar are coming together, leaving the diplomatic tension reigning between them for the last three years. Al Jazeera, the news channel from Qatar, claimed that Jared Kushner, advisor to President Trump, made efforts for this during his recent visit to the Middle East. The news channel claimed that these efforts are being made to achieve the results during the tenure of President Trump. Whereas, the importance of this Saudi-Qatar truce increases, against the background of the increasing intensity of developments in the Middle East.

saudi-qatarJoe Biden will be taking over the reins of the United States after 20th January. President Trump sent his advisor Jared Kushner, on a special Gulf visit to try and get the relations between the US allies Saudi and Qatar, normalised. During the visit, Kushner held discussions with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani. The details of the discussions have not been made public by the United States, as well as the Middle Eastern countries. But it is being claimed the Trump administration is making efforts to streamline the relations between Saudi and Qatar, to reduce the tension in the Middle East. A US newspaper had already claimed, two days ago, that the purpose of Kushner’s Middle East visit is to get the airline services and trade restarted between the Arab countries, Saudi and Qatar.

In 2017, Saudi and the other Arab countries had accused Qatar of assisting terrorism and supporting Iran, going against the Middle East countries. Along with this, the countries Saudi, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt cornered Qatar with a boycott. Saudi and the Arab countries put a condition that Qatar will have to fulfil 13 demands if Qatar wants to get out of this. Qatar had dismissed the demand. This increased the tension between Saudi and Qatar.

Meanwhile, it is also being claimed that the Trump administration is trying to isolate Iran by making Qatar break away from Iran. Whereas, it has also been reported that, a few days ago, Saudi held talks with Turkey to corner Iran.

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