Post-coup, US slaps sanctions against Myanmar military junta

Washington: – The United States announced sanctions against the Myanmar military, who revolted to overthrow the elected government. As per the sanctions, Myanmar military will not utilise nearly $1 billion deposited in the United States. Sanctions have also been imposed against the military officials behind the revolt, along with their families. But US President Biden clarified that the United States will continue to provide direct aid to the population of Myanmar. President Biden also warned that any violent actions against the people protesting against the Myanmar military would not be tolerated.

On 1st February, the Myanmar military overthrew the elected government headed by pro-democracy leader Aung San Syu Ki and assumed power. The military acted in this manner, accusing of malpractices in the elections. So, they detained Syu Ki and the President of Myanmar. It is being accused that the military took this action at the behest of China. The world has experienced its repercussions. The United States took serious cognisance of the issue and imposed sanctions on the Myanmar military. While talking to the media, President Biden said that the oppression of democracy in Myanmar would not be tolerated.   

The pro-democracy people in Myanmar have taken to the streets to protest against the revolt. Military chief General Min Aung Hlaing has appealed to the population to stop protesting. Still, the protests are continuing; it has been exposed that the military is taking violent actions against peaceful protestors. Along with the US President, the State Department also strongly criticised the military’s violent actions against the protestors. State Department spokesman, Ned Price said that this attack on the freedom of expression would not be tolerated.   

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom welcomed the imposition of sanctions against the military government in Myanmar. The foreign policy chief of the European Union said that the Union would soon initiate action against Myanmar. New Zealand has stopped cooperation on all levels, with Myanmar. Malaysia and Indonesia, members of ASEAN, have demanded that there should be a discussion on the situation in Myanmar.  

Japan has already expressed grave concerns over the situation in Myanmar and accused that China has a hand in the Myanmar revolt. The Japanese leaders had said that with this, the Chinese influence will increase further in the region and demanded that the international community take a note of this. 

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