The world should be prepared for the second and third wave of Coronavirus, warn WHO  

Brussels: – The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned that ‘There is no possibility of finding a vaccine for the Coronavirus in the near future, and therefore, the international community should be prepared for the second or even the third wave of Coronavirus.’ A few hours ago, US President Donald Trump made a caustic accusation that the WHO is acting as a Public Relation Agency for China. The WHO avoided revealing information regarding the Coronavirus epidemic at the time when the pandemic was spreading rapidly in China to protect Chinese interests. The United States, Japan and Taiwan have accused that this is the reason for the epidemic becoming a pandemic. Despite all these allegations, the WHO has once again attempted to protect China with a statement that the Coronavirus is not a manmade virus.  

Dr Hans Henri P. Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe, has stated that ‘Coronavirus pandemic will not end anytime soon. Every country in the world should be prepared for the next stage. When there is time available, after controlling this first burst of the pandemic, the countries should gear themselves up for the second or even the third wave or a more dreadful version of the pandemic.’ Dr Kluge also warned that Europe was still in the clutches of the pandemic. While speaking of the second and third Coronavirus waves, Dr Kluge has given a verdict that the Coronavirus is not manmade.   

Countries like the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Taiwan and Australia are expressing a suspicion that the Coronavirus originated from the laboratory at Wuhan in China. Some of these countries are also accusing that this Coronavirus pandemic is a part of the Chinese biological warfare. The western media claimed that the evidence is provided by the documentaries published by the Chinese government media. This is making it furthermore tricky for China to defend itself. Moreover, the countries bearing a major brunt of the pandemic have started speaking the language of recovering astronomical compensations from China. This is making it difficult for China to defend itself.  

Despite all this, the WHO is not willing to give up the policy to protect China. Senior officials in the WHO are certifying that the Coronavirus is a natural virus and not a manmade one. US President had recently criticised that the WHO is under an extreme Chinese influence and is working like a Public Relations Agency for China. WHO, instead of replying to the allegation, went on to warn the world to be prepared for the second and the third wave of the Coronavirus pandemic. This is a very indicative statement, from the top brass at the WHO, suggesting that WHO does not care for the accusations made by the United States and other countries. 

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