World close to a big conflict, warns Munich Security Report

Munich: Stating that ‘the World was close to a major conflict last year,’ the ‘Munich Security Conference’ in Europe has warned that a similar danger persists in the current year too. The report stresses on the ‘verbal volleys between the United States and North Korea’, ‘increasing enmity between Saudi Arabia and Iran’ and ‘worsening tension between NATO and Russia’. The report warns that among these, the Russia and Europe conflict seems most likely.

munich security report, EU, Us, This report addressing the security has been prepared in view of the ‘Munich Security Conference’ to be held next week in Germany. The report is published under the title ‘To the Brink – and Back?’. The priority of the report is the security of Europe and has a special mention of Middle and Eastern Europe.

The report warns, ‘NATO does not want to get into an arms race with Russia. But, the current situation is becoming more and more dangerous from European security point of view’. The Eastern European countries are having a big confusion about the European security and are stuck with the confusion whether NATO will go to war with Europe or Russia. Wrong conclusions and misunderstandings can initiate a conflict between Russia and Europe, warns the report.

While addressing the European security issue, the report also mentions about the changed United States policies. The ‘Munich Security Conference’ report warns that the identity of the United States as the guarantor of world peace is fast diminishing due to the United States centric policies of the US President, Donald Trump. Therefore, Europe has to start thinking about its own security and the stress must be to unite on the issues of security, increasing defence expenditure and modernising the defence systems.

Although, Europe has taken an important step last year by signing the defence treaty ‘Permanent Structured Co-operation’, the report reminds that a lot remains to be done. There is a need to form a ‘Joint European Army’ and unify the defence Industry in Europe. The members of the European Union will have to increase the defence expenditure in line with the NATO parameters and if that is to happen, the European countries will have to spend almost $ 386 billion on defence, states the report.

The report also speaks about the internal grumbling in the European Union. The ‘Munich Security Conference’ report says, it is an important factor, how the way out is found in the disputes in this year and how the internal vacuum is filled up. The report also has the mention of the failure of nuclear disarmament treaty, weather and the refugee influx in Europe.

Most of the issues will be discussed at length in the meeting to be held, in Germany, in the next week. About 500 Political leaders, Military officials, experts and analysts from the world over will be participating in these discussions.

The ‘World Economic Forum’, in its report ‘Global Risks Report’, published only last month, has expressed concern over the natural calamities, cyberattacks, challenges faced by the World economy and tensions in the international relations. The ‘Global Risks Report’ had warned that these risks will further increase in this year.