Catholic Pontifex, Pope Francis says, ‘To walk on God’s path, one must renounce Satan

Third World WarVatican: The respected Pope, the supreme religious leader of the Christians has said in a message, ‘You cannot be with God and Satan at the same time. To tread on God’s Path with faith, you have to give up Satan.’ Pope Francis underlined this principle in his 30 minute address at a function.

‘While describing a person’s good behaviour, It is often said that he is with the God as well as with Satan. But this is wrong. You cannot be with God and Satan at the same time. You are either with God or with Satan,’ warned Honourable Pope Francis. Pope Francis also pointed out that many people do not let the others know as to which side they are on.

god, satan, pope francis, christians, church‘We cannot make out which side some people are on. These people are nice and attractive. But they never clarify, which side they are on.’ Saying this, Pope Francis added that the Christians should accept this basic principle that you have to give up Satan in order to be on God’s path. He expressed the expectation that the Churches should take a resolute position about this.

Right from the time when one is baptised, there is great importance attached to renounce Satan to accept God. Pope Francis repeatedly stressed on this during his address. Faith in God is a perpetual commitment- One must understand that it is not a temporary or short-term compromise and accept the responsibility to take one’s life forward on the same path. Pope Francis further said that the parents and grandparents should remember this while baptising their children.

Lots of sins are committed by humans due to satanic influences. A chaste soul will give you the strength to fight the attractions and baits on the satanic path, assured Pope Francis. Pope Francis has even previously warned the Christians that the devil does exist, while emphasising the importance of faith. Every person who wants to tread the path of God, will have to fight the devil, pointed out Pope Francis.

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