US threatens China to reconsider the status of Hong Kong

Washington: – US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, issued a stern warning to China by stating that the US journalists in Hong Kong are only advocates of freedom of media and not anyone’s campaigning activists. China should not attempt to interfere with their work and encroach the rights of Hong Kong. If that happens, the United States will have to reconsider not only the status of Hong Kong but also the One Country Two systems policy. 

The United States has initiated an aggressive political war against China, against the background of Coronavirus. US President Donald Trump and the administration is consistently targeting China on the issues of trade, technology, cyberattacks and human rights. Only two days ago, Secretary of State, Pompeo, had lashed out at China over the issues of cyberattacks and theft of intellectual property. Following that up with the warning over Hong Kong, the United States has sharpened the edge of its opposition to China.

The United States has awarded special status to Hong Kong, and the Chinese rulers have taken advantage of the status. If the United States change this status, it can severely hit China. It is possible that other countries too will take a stance against China on the Hong Kong issue, following the United States. This blow coming at a time, when the pro-democracy agitations in Hong Kong are in the limelight, could spell more trouble for China.

Only a few days ago, Mike Pompeo said that the United States had postponed the state department report on Hong Kong. The Chinese parliament is scheduled to meet on 22nd May, and there is a likelihood that a resolution may be moved, or a decision may be taken on the policy regarding Hong Kong. Pompeo had also clarified that the report regarding Hong Kong had been delayed, in view of this meeting. Against this background, the threat, for reconsideration of the status of Hong Kong, issued by the US Secretary of State becomes significant.

The United States and China have confronted each other in the past on the journalist issue raised by Pompeo. President Trump had imposed sanctions on five major Chinese media companies at the beginning of this year. Thereafter, China expelled two US journalists and refused to extend visas for other journalists. This Pompeo statement may bring the issue on the anvil once again.

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